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Off Line Ups/750Va/1.5KVA/2.5KVA/3KVA
Ktpl are in field of manufacture for the past 17 years. The business of Power Conditioning Equipment The key advantage of full-digital control for UPS systems is that all power conversion is handled by MCU, thus fewer total components are required comparing to a traditional analog system. This reduces overall cost and provides a more stable method of control.
UPS applications require a high-speed control MCU with multiple on-chip inverter and converter PWM control functions thus making the UPS an ideal choice for continuous commercial power supplies
Key Features
Pioneer in UPS Design & Manufacturer for past 17 Years
Fully Digital UPS
Extended Battery life
Highly Reliable & Rugged Product
Maximum Battery saving
Battery Recharge even at very low Input voltage 
Operate on wild Input Voltage 
Overload, Battery Low, Short circuit, Ac Low & High Protection


Environmental Conditions
Ambient air Temperature   5-50 degree C
Humidity    50% to 90%
Electrical Parameters
AC: 160-260V Operate
DC: 12V Operate 750VA 
A full charged 150AH battery will last for at least 3 hour operation.
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension (H x W x D)   
Weight (without diluents)       

                          MOSFET based, Pure Sine Wave, CVCF, with a CVCC Charger & with the following
INPUT              Input voltage window-160V To 270V
                          Input Frequency-50Hz +/- 1%
OUT PUT       Output Voltage On Back up mode -230+/-2%
                        Output Voltage on Mains  mode – 220+/-8%
                        Output Frequency battery mode50Hz+/0.1%
                        Output Wave form- Sine Wave
                        Output charging cutoff-13.8 V
                        Output Current for Charging– 2 to 8 Amp
                        Load Power factor-Unity to 0.7 lagging
Inverter Efficiency->92% Operating
DC Voltage-12V
Transient response:
-maximum Deviation-+/-10%
-Recovery time Within 1Cycle
Noise Level-<40db,at1meter Ambient
Temperature Range –0 to 50 Dig’s Humidity
Range-0 to 95%   Over load tripping-within 10 sec on 110% load
Low battery protection-beep on  10.5 V cut off at 13.5 V
AC protection-TDR Circuit 10sec delay High voltage protection-VDR on
AC-input circuit 
Battery 150 AH KT Make, backup time 3 hrs minimum in fully charged condition.
The KT UPS are Testing & Quality Certification Obtained from Electronic Test and Development Centre. 
Ministry  of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India.