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AMCU kT Measures milk Fat, SNF, CLR and water content and calculate the amount to be paid. It also prints the receipts with above details, which are given to the milk producers for the payments. It maintains a database on the computer for producer details like passbook number, date and time of the milk collection, weight of the milk and it’s Fat, SNF, CLR and water content and the amount payable.
AMCU KT ensures full data handshaking among the modules. This provides error free operation with minimum effort and the availability of data, where and when it is required.
AMCU KT is Computer based Automatic Milk Collection Unit. It is comprises of following -
• Computer (Branded HCL)
• AMCU KT Software (Hindi/English)
• Milk Analyzer (Lacto Scan)
• Electronic Weighing Scale (KT Brand 500/1000 kg.)
• Printer (Epson Dot Matrix)
• UPS (1500 VA)
• Battery (120 AH)
• Ultrasonic Milk Stirrer 
• Electric Extension Board


Keeping in mind the peculiar requirements of Milk Collection at Village level, The Automatic Milk Collection Unit is provide milk collecting solutions to Dairy co-operative societies at the village level across the country by understanding the process of all transactional details that take place. This intensive software application provides integration with severals milk testing equipments and weighing instruments, thereby minimizing the time required during milk collection, with minimum user interaction.
Please Note: _ The Item Details in Automatic Milk Collection Unit, for more please read the particular product specification
Desktop Computer Branded
Milk Analyzer
Stirrer in SS tool
LQ-300 Epson Printer
Weighing Indicator
600 x 600 SS Platform [Suitable for Two Cans]
Ups 750Va with 150Ah Tubular Battery 2 Year Warranty