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Electronic Milko Tester
Electronic Milk Tester has been used as an essential and user friendly instrument for the measurement of Milk FAT .It is compact in Design and provided with an inbuilt battery charger & big, Bright LED Display. EMT is a Trouble free and easy maintenance product. Electronic Milk Tester works on the principle of photometric measurement of light scattered by the fat globules present in the milk sample. The measuring procedure follows the conventional system of dilution, mixing, homogenization and photometric measurement.
Key features:
Easy to setup, operate and clean
Big, bright LED display
Single curve calibration
Inbuilt battery charger
Compatible with most computers.
Handles wide range of voltage (fluctuations also)
Maintenance - easy and minimum
In-house manufacture

Environmental Conditions
Ambient air Temperature   5-50 degree C
Humidity    50% to 90%
Milk temperature               1°C – 45°C
Electrical Parameters
AC: 220-240V,(Max. +10%, Min.-15%)
DC: 12V, 6A (Max 16V, Min.10.5V)
A full charged 120AH battery will last for at least 10 hour operation.
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension (H x W x D)   23 x 31 cm    
Weight (without diluents)       16 Kg.
Spare Part Kit :- Mains Moulded Lead ,PVC Inlet Tube ,PVC Outlet Tube, Battery Accessory Cable , Fuse 10 A, Fuse 1Amp,LD Powder Pk, Beaker, Strips, etc in Sufficient Number.


Specifications Of Milko Tester
Measuring range            Up to 13% Fat 
Capacity                           120 -150 sample per hour
Accuracy (Sd)                   0-5 Fat      :0.02%    
                                           5-8 Fat       :0.03%
                                          8-13 Fat     :0.08%
Repeatability                    0-5% Fat   :0.03%
                                           5-8% Fat    :0.04%
                                           8-13% Fat  :0.08%  
Sample volume               0.5 ml/test
Diluents Volume              6.5 ml/test
Calibration                       One calibration Channel, Adjustable 
                                           within the range 0-13%
Working principle           Photometric measurement of light Catered 
                                           by the Fat Globules present in the milk