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Ultrasonic Milk Stirrer
Ktpl Manufactures a faster, more accurate, and easy to operate milk stirrer that increases work performance and productivity of milk collection. Its function is to stir the milk sample and remove air bubbles from the sample to get a perfect reading. It is especially suitable for dusty and humid environment. It is manufactured using quality material and considered ideal for quality control at the milk collection spot. Our range is well known for its long working life, accurate result, smooth operations and low maintenance. Being customer friendly, we offer our range at industry leading prices.
Key Features
Easy to Operate 
A/c and DC [12V] Operate 
Table top Type
Less Maintenance SS Ball Toll
Compact Weight & Size
Remove air from fresh milk

Electrical Parameters
AC Power Supply voltage – 240V/110V 50-60Hz
DC Power Supply voltage – 12-14V Dc
Note:- A full charged 42 AH battery will last for at last 8 hour operation
Environmental Conditions
Ambient air temperature — 10°C –40°C (option 43°C)
Relative humidity — 30% – 80%
Mechanical Parameters
Dimensions (Wx L x H) 11x10x21CM
Weight < 2 kg Approx Body MS with powder Coated
Spare Parts Kit        Battery Cable, Adapter, 

Capacity = 180 Sample & More per hour (Approx)
Sample Volume = 50 ML/Test
Stirrer Timer = Adjustable 7 Sec. - 15 Sec.
Working Principal = Ultra Sonic of Adjustable Frequency
Milk before testing = Remove air from Fresh Raw milk
Housing = Vibrating Part Nikl Coated
Accuracy = 98%
Ultra Sonic Measurement of 10 KHz to 20 KHz frequency by the electromagnetic present in the sample
Power Consumption 60W max